Friday, September 11, 2009

Rant #84: Bits and Pieces

Here are some news bytes that have come over the wire during the past few days that might not demand a full rant from me, but certainly deserve some mention:

Oprah to Leave Her Show After 24 Years: There have been some rumors lately that Oprah Winfrey would call it a day after her 24th season of the daily gab-fest.

One could only hope that this is so.

Personally, although I respect the woman for her drive to become what she is today, I can’t stand her show, and the “Oprah Nation” is made up of people who should get a life. Her stature as the “Queen of TV” befuddles me, but for some reason, people hang on her every word. I don’t get it, have never gotten it, and will probably never get it.

The last straw was her electioneering for Barack Obama when he was running for President. It was pretty clear that Winfrey was grandstanding for Obama because of his race, not because of his credentials, and although the “Oprah Nation” may have fallen for this, I believe thinking people of all races and backgrounds saw it as bad TV and highly embarrassing to boot.

And where is Oprah now that the honeymoon period for our President is over?

Please, Oprah, go somewhere out of our lives.

Hugh Hefner to Divorce Wife: Well, I bet most people, including the man himself, forgot that he was still married to former Playboy model Kimberly Conrad. This dirty old man has supposedly been whooping it up with girls about a quarter of his age, and Conrad, and the two boys that she had with Hefner, have pretty much been out of the spotlight for more than a decade.

Evidently, Hefner was fine with his estranged arrangement until Conrad recently sued him over some type of real estate deal. Then he got defensive, and said that he has more than taken care of her during their estrangement.

But, of course, his running around with girls old enough to be his great granddaughters while he was still married was OK in his mind.

I don’t know who is loonier here, Conrad—for not pressing for a divorce years ago, and better yet, for marrying this guy to begin with (I know, it was the money)—or Hefner, who has become the proverbial “dirty old man” in his old age.

They deserve each other, and I wish them both the best.

The Joba Rules: Please, don’t get me started on this one. Is this guy a decrepit 52 year old like me who has been through the mill or is Joba Chamberlain a 23 year old athlete with his whole career ahead of him?

You almost can’t argue with the Yankees. Up until now, they have done just about everything right this season, and have the best record in baseball through early September.

However, they are treating this kid like he is the golden boy, and he looks lost out there when he pitches his three innings each start.

Either put him in the bullpen, or let the boy pitch. The Joba Rules should be made illegal.

Joe Wilson Interrupts President During Nationally Televised Speech: Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) interrupted the President during his speech about health care on Sept. 9. Although Wilson later apologized for his outburst, did this idiot think he was at a WWE wrestling match or what?

He showed no respect for the office of the President, and made himself, and his views, look real bad. Even if you don’t agree with the President’s health care plan, you generally respect the office of the President, and this action showed immense disrespect for the top job in our country.

I mean, what is going on in South Carolina lately? First you have the philandering governor, then you have this idiot.

I like Obama’s response to this. He said that, “We all make mistakes,” and accepted Wilson’s apology. Thus, he gave Wilson more respect than this dummy gave him.

Touche to the President. You don’t have to like him, but you have to like his style.


  1. I never swayed to anything Oprah had to say. I respect her for what she has accomplished, but I feel just because she has made her billions doesn't mean her word is the "final" say in all that is. I actually get turned off by celebrities that step to the podium and speak about politics or currents events as if their word is divine providence. They must think all of America are like lambs to the slaughter.

  2. The problem is that those that do this do have a flock that sits on the edge of their seats for everything they have to say. Oprah's group is the perfect example. This group are sort of "Oprah Zombies," as he plays her politics, her beliefs, and yes, even her book choices on them. I am sure if these people wanted to, they could find something else to do with their lives, but they choose to be part of this group. No, it's not for me ... and her granstanding during the Presidential race was horrid at best. Has she ever stumped for a white candidate like this? I doubt it. I thought it actually negated what Obama was standing for, which I think was just the opposite of what Oprah was pushing.

  3. I had a good chuckle when I found out Oprah went with Obama to talk about the 2016 Games.(Something I could care less about.I never watched them and have no interest in them)Who the hell IS she that she THINKS whatever SHE has to say will sway the publics interest overseas? Between her and Obama, they continue to play the race card.And as USUAL, they're all shuck and jive. Obama SHOULD be more concerned with what is going on in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. So far all he's shown me is how many talk shows and celebrity photo ops he can get in.

  4. PS: He also needs to put his foot down about the health care/ unemployment debacle and DO SOMETHING about all the money going to Banks CEO's and Acorn.So far I haven't seen CHANGE.



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