Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rant #381: Drive-by Hooting

Have you noticed that drivers at this time of year think they own the road more so than any other time during the year?

I know that Christmas (and for that matter, Hanukkah) are both just around the corner, but the rushing around I've already seen this time of year has been something to behold.

I have seen more people tailgating, speeding, going through Stop signs, and doing other ridiculous things on the road that you would think that in my part of the world there weren't any road rules.

Well, there are, and people are just ignoring them. I mean, they have to rush to buy their holiday gifts, so why should they follow any rules?

Just yesterday, driving home from work, one car cut me off, another was moving into my lane as the car was absolutely parallel to mine (I beeped and put on my brakes, avoiding a collison; the car eventually moved over behind me, and was staying well behind me), and I nearly got hit when a car shot out of a street and assumed everyone saw him (I didn't).

This morning, I was tailgated pretty badly, so the fun continues.

And it's not just in cars. My wife, son and I were in Target this weekend, and as we were exiting, a woman--and I have to give her credit, she did say "Excuse me"--nearly knocked me over with her cart as she was in a rush to leave. Once she got past me, we saw her running, with her cart, in the parking lot.

Why is everyone in such a rush this year, and every year at this time of year?

Those precious gifts that you are over-spending on to show how wonderful you are will still be there, whether you get to them now or five minutes from now. What is the rush?

And I hear that Kohl's is opening at 3 a.m. on Friday, the fabled Black Friday that retailers salivate over during the year. But better yet, Wal-Mart is opening at 12 midnight (although you can't buy your electronic bargains until 5 a.m.).

It is truly ridiculous.

Let's see what happens when I drive home tonight. I am sure I will see more craziness on the road.

Hopefully, I will just see it, and not be a victim of it.

That is my greatest fear.

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