Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rant #459: Bits and Pieces

I really don't have anything major to rant or rave about today, but I do have some smaller bits and pieces I can talk about sparingly.

Charlie Sheen Fired From TV Show: So, this fool gets fired from his TV show and becomes an Internet sensation on Twitter, where he is accumulating millions of followers each day. Numerous corporations want him to sell their products there, and he is probably making millions from doing this. He also has offers to do other shows.

Again, this is the guy who beat his wife, slept with porn stars, is an admitted drug user, and may have made anti-Semitic slurs to his former producer.

I think his popularity shows a lot about this country, more than a lot of people want to admit to.

Lindsay Lohan Video Sold To Highest Bidder: For once, I am going to take Lindsay's side on this. If you tell me that she stole jewelry and you have the evidence of such a theft, why do you sell the evidence before you go to trial?

This is absolutely bizarre. If I were the judge, even if Lohan is guilty as sin, I would throw this case right out the door. Where is the store's credibility here? Did they do what they did to bank on (literally) Lohan's notoriety?

In my mind, Lohan is a free woman.

Monkees Tickets: I may be boring people to death with this, but I am a super fan of the Monkees, always have been (since 1966) and always will be. And yes, I will be seeing them in June, as I copped a few tickets yesterday.

I don't know if this is going to be the biggest tour since the beginning of time, but for me, it is ultra-important. This is music I really care about, performed by artists who I think are really talented.

No, I won't be purchasing Partridge Family tickets when they reunite for a tour (although I did see David Cassidy at a free concert two years ago).

Credit Card Account Stolen: I have had my American Express card for years, but evidently, my account numbers were stolen the other day, and people used the account to purchase computer equipment.

Luckily, American Express contacted me because they felt the purchases were a red flag that the card was not being used by me, since I never have made any computer or related purchases with the card.

I won't have to pay for these purchases, but I don't think they will ever catch these thieves. Heck, I hope whatever they bought blows up in their faces and they end up looking like the Elephant Man, who didn't deserve his fate--these idiots do.

Facebook To Rent Films: Well, it's not the end of the world as we know it, but movie rentals are coming to your favorite social networking site. Warner Brothers said it will test a service that will offer select movies for rental (or eventually purchase) through Facebook's public pages of these films.

Films will be streamed through a Facebook application, and will cost 30 credits, or about $3. Renters will have access to the movie for 48 hours and can replay it as many times as they want.

Personally, this is not for me, but I can see where kids might go for this. Me, I would much rather either rent or purchase a movie I want to see, actually have something in my hand when I spend my hard-earned cash. But today's kids don't know from this, all they know is files, so they might go for it.

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