Friday, July 1, 2011

Rant #538: Oh, the Pain!

You know it is a slow week news-wise when the Octomom pops up in conversation.

It seems that Nadya Suleman, who has 14 children and garnered fame and a lot of criticism for birthing eight kids in one sitting, has told In Touch magazine that her babies "disgust" her.

Suleman, who is single and has teetered on financial ruin since giving birth to her large brood, told the magazine that the only way she can cope is to lock herself in the bathroom and cry.

She also called her older six kids "animals" and she said they have gotten that way because she has "no time to properly discipline them."

OK. Let me shed a tear for her plight.

I am sure Suleman was paid for the interview--why else wouid she do it--but to go off on her kids, well if I were a higher authority, I would see whether these kids are being cared for at all.

It is obvious that the woman has mental problems linked to her need to give birth to human beings like animals give birth to their broods. That is not a knock against animals, but let's face it, human beings usually don't give birth to eight kids at one time.

She has major financial problems, although she has been paid off for her story by various sources.

But back to what she said. If you call your kids "animals" and you say they "disgust" you, don't you think that some action should be taken by whatever state she lives in--is it California?-- to make sure these kids are being taken care of and not being neglected or abused?

Suleman became a punch line when she was artificially inseminated by a doctor who has since had his medical license taken away. Once the press heard about this incident, they had a field day with it. She became an instant celebrity, the wrong type of celebrity, becoming famous because she was able to satisfy her mental illness by having kids.

Now, with this rant, I think the authorities should look into whether her kids are getting the care they need.

She is probably overwhelmed. Once the cameras left and people forgot about her, she was burdened to take care of 14 kids alone.

Heck, she can't even take care of herself.

I shudder to think about the future of these children. Will they be taken away from their mother? How will they become responsible adults when they have a mother like this?

Who knows, but in the meantime, I would investigate how these kids are being taken care of, if at all.

The rants she made to the magazine are obvious calls for help.

While we ponder this story, have a nice July 4. I will speak to you again on Tuesday.

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