Monday, October 10, 2011

Rant #592: I Have Returned

I have returned.

My family and I took a cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Floria, to Key West, and then to the Cayman Islands and then off to Ocho Rios in Jamaica.

It was a fun trip, our first cruise, but it did have its mishaps.

My son lost his glasses. In the rush to get out of the room on the last morning, he just forgot them.

My wife lost something very personal to her. Let's just say that hopefully the insurance we have will kick in and help us out with this one.

The weather was terrible for most of the trip. We went in and out of violent rain storms while at sea, and even when we arrived at the Cayman Islands, it wss raining.

Not wanting to lose the day in the Cayman Islands, we swam in the rain. The water was crystal clear, which was good, because the ocean bottom was filled with sharp-edged rocks. I have a cut on my left foot's big toe that resembles the coast of Florida. Who knows when that will fully heal.

This former South Jamaica, New York, resident's arrival in the actual Jamaica was interesting, but I don't think I would go back. Seemingly all the natives have their hands out, and they attack you when you are walking around. They are very persistant, and quite rude, if you ask me.

They are even that way in the shops. Perfect example: we went into one shop that had MLB T-shirts and hats on display. I walked over to the display, in my full Yankees regalia--T-shirt and hat. The salesman came over to me, and reiterated to me that the goods there were official MLB apparel.

He then showed me a Boston Red Sox T-shirt!

You don't show a guy dressed in Yankees gear a Red Sox T-shirt. It is like showing a Confederate flag to a Union servicemember.

The guy obviously wanted to make a sale, but he turned pushy, not understanding the nature of what he was doing.

It was also darn hot in Jamaica. When we were there, it was in the 90s, seemingly 100-percent humidity, and it was not raining at all.

Why couldn't the Cayman Islands have been like this?

Anyway, Carnival Cruises puts on a good show on their ships. We went to numerous shows, and the actors and actresses were energetic. We even took in a comedy show, and the comedian, whose name I don't recall, was pretty funny.

And yes, I suffered through the Yankees' loss in the playoffs. I guess it was kind of softened because we were on a boat, not a sinking ship like the Yankees were on.

I have trouble flying. My ears go haywire, and they get stuffed for days and even weeks. Right now, my left ear is stuffed, yesterday it was my right ear. Soon, I will run out of ears to have stuffed.

The food was great, and the waiters and waitresses go for the big tips because of their courtesy and the way they handle themselves. I didn't tip big, but I did tip. I appreciate how they treated us, and especially my father-in-law, who is in a wheelchair.

So anyway, we are home.

Would I go again? Yes, I would. It was fun to be on the big boat, although I could have done without all the cigarette smoke. It is a weird feeling eating as you are moving on the sea, and frankly, I still feel like I am at sea right now. My sea legs are a little wobbly.

But yes, I would go again, probably to different destinations.

And maybe next time with my daughter. She needs a job.

Happy Columbus Day, and I will speak with you tomorrow.

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