Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rant #644: Downer Christmas

This will be a short Rant because I am not feeling too well today.

I had a lousy Christmas break.


I was sick virtually the entire time, and I still am.

I hope to make a doctor's appointment today, because as you can imagine, it was pretty impossible to get a doctor over the holiday.

On Friday, my first day off, I received a mysterious letter in the mail which had no return address.

I should have known this was going to be trouble.

Let me preface it by saying that a few weeks ago, I had a Letter to the Editor published in my local paper, Newsday.

The main crux of the letter was the lack of Jewish representation on network TV, but Newsday highlighted the portion of the letter about the popular coverage of Hanukkah, as opposed to Christmas.

Basically, I said that network TV shows ignore the holiday, and Jewishness altogether, unless it is used as a plot device.

Well, all hell broke loose with that letter.

About a week later, several replies were printed by Newsday, and they weren't pretty.

One person called my letter "anti-Catholic," and both Jews and Gentiles alike pretty much condemned what I said ... although I didn't think I said anything that wasn't out there already.

I mean, name me one Jewish family on network TV ... there, I have pretty much proved my point.

Anyway, fast forward to this past Friday, two days before Christmas.

I opened the letter, and there was this anti-Jewish diatribe that had to be seen to be believed.

It was scrawled--and I do mean that literally--across several sheets of paper, in often unreadable scratch. It was even worse than my own handwriting, which is pretty bad.

It blamed the Jews for everything, from the war overseas to 9/11.

It showed how all the evil people in the world are or were Jewish.

And it also included this final sendoff (paraphrased) "Most people in the world don't like Jews."

Very nice present for the holiday, wouldn't you say?

My wife had me call the police, and they made up a report on it.

On Facebook, I found that most people didn't want to acknowledge such a thing could happen during the holiday season, and I mean Jews and Gentiles alike--and mainly Jews, I might add.

I got ripped by both for even talking about this thing.

Of course, few of the people expressing displeasure at my nerve to posting such an entry forget that I called the police because I thought my family's well-being was in jeopardy.

I guess few people care about that when they are opening their presents and drinking egg nog and sitting by their tree--Jews more than anyone, by the way.

So I really couldn't win during this time off I had.

I got lambasted, and I got sick.

Oh, how I look forward to New Year's!

(I guess the rant was longer than I thought it would be.)


  1. Hate is a 24-7-365 thing, and anyone who thinks nobody would send you such a diatribe during the holidays is in some kind of denial.

    Hopefully, whoever sent you that won't send any more. Don't let it stop you from expressing your opinions as everyone needs to be heard from, even (unfortunately) jerks like your "pen pal".

    Take solace in the fact your friends and family know you're not a guy running around with aluminum foil on your head; that's all what matters in the end!

    Get to feeling better soon!

  2. I know i shouldn't be shocked by all the hate there still is in the world but i am.
    Peace my friend and never let them silence you.
    Feel better soon.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I am hoping that it doesn't lead to any other missives like this. It was really disturbing, but no, I am not surprised with all the hatred that manifests itself during the holiday season. But when it comes to your doorstep, it makes it even worse.

    Have a nice New Year!



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