Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rant #649: The Jury Is In

I spent a whole day at jury duty yesterday, and I do mean a whole day. I got there at about 7:30 a.m., and did not leave until 7 p.m.

And yes, I was chosen to be on a jury.

I cannot tell you anything about the case that I am on, but I kind of knew that I was going to be chosen.

Once I got interviewed, I figured that they wanted someone with an advanced education who was from basically a working class background, and I fit what they wanted to a T.

I have to go in today for some further instructions, and then the case starts on Monday. And it could last a month.

I know my employer isn't too happy about this whole thing, but I am doing what any citizen would--and should--do. It is my civic responsibility to serve, if chosen, on a jury.

So starting on Monday, my posts are going to be intermittent, at best.

And I can't talk about the trial at all. I don't want to cause a mistrial, so I can't say anything more than I have already said.

So the posts for about the next month will have nothing to do with the trial. Just the usual mix of opinion, sports, entertainment, and whatever else comes through my head.

So please bear with me. This is going to be very trying on myself and my family and my place of work.

I know Jews are known as "the chosen people," but to get chosen for a jury is another matter altogether.

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