Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rant #765: Keeping Abreast When Eating Out

I just read a report about restaurant dining, which spoke about a type of restaurant that I didn't know existed.

Well, more to the point, I kind of knew that it existed, but I didn't know the "creative" name given to these types of restaurants.

According to reports, what are called "breastaurants"--restaurants that feature scantily clad women as waitresses that offer various food fare to adult customers--are experiencing boobing, err, booming sales, while regular, family oriented restaurants aren't doing as well.

Without getting into specifics, what are breastaurants and why are they doing so well?

Breastaurants are dining out places that cater to an adult psyche, and primarily a male psyche. While not featuring nudity, the waitresses at these places--industry leader Hooters is the top-heavy leader of this type of restaurant--show just enough to get the guys going.

But even Hooters is having to adapt to an environment where a voluptuous economy isn't in place anymore. The chain has had to vary its menu, adding on new things for customers to bust open their wallets for.

Frankly, I have never been to one of these restaurants, but there is a Hooters in my vicinity, and I figured that when my son was old enough, maybe for an upcoming birthday, that might be a place to go to celebrate.

There is nothing wrong with these places at all. I mean, they aren't strip joints or massage parlors.

The waitresses show a little cleavage, and a little leg, and that is really about it.

It's not like walking into a trashy venue, either. A lot of these places are pretty uplifting types of establishments, if you know what I mean.

They are often situated in college towns, so they employ lots of college kids--not just the waitresses, but other staff too.

They are generally doing well because, I guess, people need an extra reason--or in this case, reasons--to go out and spend their hard-earned cash.

And the summer is the season to do it.

Those that knock these places as selling sex as well as chicken breast sandwiches are missing the point. You can see more nudity at any public beach than you can at these places.

So carry on. And even though I hate chicken, I like breasts, so maybe I will actually dig in one day.

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