Friday, March 29, 2013

Rant #931: Happy Easter

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter.

As a Jew, these are among the holidays where I am an outsider looking in. 

I don't have recollections of these holidays, per se, because I never celebrated them.

I know they are wonderful holidays, days where people can reflect, look back, and look ahead.
I know that Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary, as described in the New Testament.

But as an outsider looking in, I have my own views of the holiday, just about all non-religious in nature.

I remember that at one time, nothing was open on Easter, and I mean nothing. No department stores, no movies, no restaurants, no nothing.

As you know, that has changed greatly in recent times. Many restaurants are open, and certainly the movies are open on Easter Sunday.

I remember painting Easter eggs as a child. I never knew the significance of this act, but I can remember that my sister and I made colorful Easter eggs using a product called Pas.

It was messy as all heck, and a lot of fun, as I recall.

I also never understood the significance of the Easter Bunny, but I guess that is almost equal to Santa Claus on Christmas.

I remember watching lots of TV on Easter Sunday, because nothing much else was doing.

I recall watching “Easter Parade,” “King of Kings,” and “The Ten Commandments,” sometimes back to back to back.

And I remember the actual Easter Parade in New York City, where so many people wore so many strange hats on their heads.

And I also remember that Easter Sunday was right near, or sometimes on, Passover, my holiday, and the significance of the two holidays being together is very strong.
The Last Supper, anybody?

I know that it is one of the few days during the calendar year that my wife has off. She has other days off from work, of course, but this one is a guaranteed day off, since she works for the country’s “friendliest bank.”

And I also know that to some, this is the holiest time and day of the year.

To them, and to everyone else celebrating these holidays, I wish you great holidays, time to reflect, time to recharge your batteries.

And to the rest of us … Easter is pretty much just another Sunday.

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