Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rant #944: A Cowardly Act

Now, with a few days of perspective behind me, I can comment on the heinous incident in Boston, when two bombs were set and went off during the Boston Marathon.

This was a cowardly act by people who hate this country with a passion.

To set bombs at the marathon--and there were actually more than two, the others did not go off--on Patriots Day, no less, sends a message to us that we should heed.

There are people who hate us, absolutely hate us for whatever reason, and they will do anything to make their point.

Right now, we don't know if this was an outsider or somebody from this country who set these bombs, but what we do know is that three people--one a child--were killed in the blasts, and dozens of others were injured and maimed by the explosions.

Little else is known, or at least is being shared by the authorities.

Hopefully, they will find whoever did this, and at least bring justice through our court system to this situation.

They cannot bring back lives and limbs that were decimated by this attack, though.

If it is a domestic terrorist, we must find out why someone who is an American citizen would do this to his own fellow countrymen.

Why would someone who has enjoyed the riches that this country brings to everyone try to destroy it?

What mental capacity to kill would someone like this have?

If this is an international terrorist, we have to ask ourselves some of those same questions, with some additional ones too.

How did the person get into the country?

Is this a random act, or is some organization backing this person?

The fact of the matter is that we let too many people get into this country without checking into their backgrounds.

Probably 99 percent of those from other countries who come here to live, to work, and to begin new lives are here for the right reasons.

But you have a small, very small minority who come here to do terrible things.

They are often educated here, live here, love here, and set up shop here.

In Washington, they are talking about lessening the hurdles that those here illegally have to gain legal status here.

I say just the opposite.

Make it harder to get in here, and make it more difficult to gain legal status if you are here illegally.

Why make it easier when every person who comes here is seemingly, in this day and age, a potential terrorist?

It is a terrible thing to say, but it leads to another point.

Let's stop with the politically correct nonsense once and for all.

People hate us.

For reasons only they know, people hate us, they hate our way of life, they hate that we are the most successful, prosperous country in the world.

They not only hate us, they abhor us, and there is very little we can do about it.

We have to always be aware of this.

If the Boston Marathon incident was caused by an international terrorist, this will reinforce that notion.

We must always look over our backs, and to each side, and most importantly, ahead.

That is, unfortunately, the way life is today.

But let it be known that whoever did this, they will be found, says our President.

I hope he is right. I really do.

But it doesn't change at all what I said.

And it pains me to say this, because three of my four grandparents came here from Europe.

They all came here for the right reasons, became citizens, and loved this country.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for others who come here.

And that is really sad.

But what is good is that the organizers of the Boston Marathon have said that the race will go on in 2014.

We can't let these horrible individuals kill our spirit, and to hear that the race will go on next year shows that that won't happen.

And that is really good.

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