Friday, April 18, 2014

Rant #1,189: Happy Easter

Today is Good Friday, and Sunday is Easter.

Have a good holiday if you celebrate these holidays.

Again, the following is the perspective of someone on the outside looking in, because being Jewish, I don't celebrate either holiday.

However, the intersection of my holiday--Passover--with Easter is pretty interesting, and it makes for a nice time for all of us, because we pretty much either celebrate one holiday or the other.

Yes, it is holiday time!

I grew up in a community that if you were white, you were Jewish, and while I had many non-Jewish friends, really, Easter Sunday was nothing with nothing for me as a kid.

Sure, "Easter Parade" was always on, but quite frankly, the Kosher deli was open, and if we went out to eat, and it wasn't Passover, this is where we went on that day.

As I got older, and we moved to an area where Jews were definitely in the minority, the holiday began to take on a different sheen.

I began to notice that everything was closed on this day, whether we are talking about department stores or the nearest mall.

So we went to the movies, and if we were going out to eat, and it wasn't Passover, the Kosher deli it was, still and again.

Now, in today's times, most things are still closed on this holiday. However, I have noticed more things open. And this includes some fast food places.

However, since it is Passover, those are a no go.

We will go to the movies and then pretty much eat at home this year.

I respect what the holiday is to many, and I am sure "Easter Parade" will be on the TV as it always is.

I know that like during Passover, families will gather and have a nice meal on the holiday. They will reflect on the past year, and look ahead to what is up ahead.

Again, as an outsider looking in, I view Easter as a day of worship, for both your religion and your family.

And really, we should not need a holiday--whether Passover or Easter--to give us an "excuse" to do that.

Have a great holiday, and I will speak to you again on Monday.

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