Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rant #13: Turn Off the Fawcett

I want to start out this entry by saying I have absolutely nothing against Farrah Fawcett. I have never been a fan of hers, never been enamored of her like so many people in the 1970s were. I respect her for what she is and what she has done.

But to record the near-end of your life for prime time network TV is a little much, wouldn't you say?

I don't want to be cruel. The woman is dying of anal cancer.

But, do we have to see this on network TV? Again, I don't want to be cruel, but is this the ultimate ego gratification?

You can say that this show exists to teach us something about the frailty of human life, or about a cancer patient's struggles to maintain dignity in what may be her final days. But do we have to see her throwing up on network TV?

Personally, I don't think this is educating us in any way. NBC is a fourth-place network, and in such a dire need for ratings that at this point, it will show just about anything.

And the ploy worked. NBC registered excellent numbers for the show ... and a sequel is planned!

My recent health issues aside, I don't think I will be tuning in.

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