Friday, May 22, 2009

Rant #14: Time To Bust All TV Informercials

Television can sell anything--from diapers to pens to music. Television has been selling since it went on the air to the masses in the late 1940s, and it will be selling things way after we are all gone.

However, the recent rash (yes, I know I used that word) of infomercials is getting my dander up.

Why? Well, they say that "sex sells," so if you blend TV and sex, you see dollar signs

There is a group of commercials with the same spokesman that has really gotten me angry. I don't know the guy's name or the company, but these infomercials sell everything from get-rich-quick schemes to real estate on the cheap.

It's the same guy in each one, dressed to the nines in an expensive business suit, nice tie, and nice haircut. They guy probably is in his late 30s or 40s. He addresses the others in the informercial in sort of a teacher-student type of setting.

Well, if what he was selling wasn't bad enough, he is selling this stuff surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women that you could die for. And many, if not all of them, are wearing tight outfits. If one sneezes, I guarantee all of their real (or implanted) assets will pop out!

The one about real estate really gets my goat. He explains to two beauties about buying real estate on the cheap, and then the girls take over the screen, imploring the viewer to buy this system. They are wearing tops where their cleavage is ready to burst, and the more they implore, the more you see.

Again, I have no problem with watching beautiful women displaying their assets, but it really has been taken to a ridiculous extreme with these informercials.

And don't get me started on those male enhancement infomercials. I am happy that both the man and woman like the man's new-found strength and size, but don't poke me in the eye with it. I really don't care. (No cleavage in these, I might add.)

Also, they are increasingly showing these male enhancement ads during televised sporting events. I often watch these events with my son, and when these ads come on (the shortened, minute-long version), it makes me a little uncomfortable.

Perhaps I should do what my son does: he laughs.


  1. You can always just turn them off or mute the sound during the minute long ones.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Yes, you are right, but their very existence bothers me to no end, as does their placement on certain TV shows that I watch with my son.

    They talk about trash TV, well, what about trash commercials and informercials? They are often worse than the shows they advertise on.



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