Monday, February 8, 2010

Rant #189: Hot Dreams

My wife hates the winter.

She absolutely abhors anything and everything to do with the winter: the cold, the wind, the bundling up, and, of course, the snow.

She has lived in New York State her entire life, as I have, but she just hates this season more than the other seasons.

I put up with it; she hates it.

This past weekend, pretty much all of Long Island dodged a huge bullet, as we were at the tail end of that massive blizzard that dumped three feet of snow in some places.

By us, we received a slight dusting, nothing more. We were really lucky.

But now, the weather forecasters are predicting that snow is coming on Wednesday, and this is a bullet that Long Island will have to take this time. We might get a foot, give or take a few inches.

Well, as you can imagine. This makes my wife quite upset. More snow means more headaches.

And she happens to be off from work that day, which makes the situation even more repulsive to her.

When we retire--or whatever we will do when we are in our 60s--she wants us to move to Florida. When we go down there on vacation, moving to that state looks more and more like it might be something that we would do.

But one problem with this: weather patterns are changing.

In December, Tampa saw its first frost and snowflakes in decades. All of Florida has generally had a cooler winter.

By the time we might move there, in the 2020s, we might have to dig ourselves out down there too.

Maybe Hawaii would be a better retirement destination?

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