Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rant #212: Looking Forward To the Summer

Today, as I am ready to go on my dreaded business trip tomorrow, I look forward to better times.

And better times, to me, means the summer.

So much is happening this summer that I really wish it was here already.

Not only am I, and everyone else, expecting nicer weather this summer, but baseball will be in the heart of its season, as my favorite team, the Yankees, defend their championship against the rest of baseball.

It is going to be an interesting season, but I think the Yankees can do it.

My family and I will be going to, hopefully, a few games (if the Yankees ever start selling single game tickets, that is), but we already have tickets for a Tampa Bay Rays game when we go on vacation.

Also, this summer, I am having my reunion barbecue, which I have talked about here several rants ago and which is going full steam ahead right now.

There has been lots of interest in this reunion, and it should be a lot of fun.

Also, this summer, my daughter will be out looking for work as millions of other recent college graduates will be. Unemployment is still very high, and the job prospects for newly graduated kids is very, very bad.

Her degree will be in elementary education, and with a little luck, she will find a job.

If anybody has any "ins" with any school districts, please contact me. A foot in the door is always welcome.

Also, my son will be preparing to go into high school, which can be very nerve-racking. I am hoping that high school for him is better than it was for me. I absolutely hated high school, and I have few good memories of my time before college.

So as you can see, this summer might be quite memorable for myself and my family.

I hope, as the winter days dwindle down to spring, that it will be a memorable one for you too.

Speak to you after my business trip on Monday.

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