Friday, March 26, 2010

Rant #220: Misplaced In A Flash

You know how every once in a while you forget where you put something? You know you had it with you, but you just can't find it now when you need it?

Well, I had that experience the other day with a flash drive that my daughter gave me some time back.

I had it with me at work, put a couple of items on it, put it in my pocket, took it home (I presume), and now I can't find it.

I did all the things one would do to find this thing. I retraced my steps, went into the laundry basket and went through my clothes to see if I left it in there, looked on the floor, looked in some other places, but alas, that flash drive is gone, hidden somewhere in a place that I may never find it.

I liked that little flash drive. It stored everything I wanted it to store, and on my recent business trip, all my work went onto that thing.

Heck, I went from New York to Florida and all the way back with this thing, flew a few thousand miles, even made it through security with this thing, and now it is gone.

It is probably somewhere close, in my house. But you know how small those things are--it probably is hidden somewhere.

I asked my family if they had seen it, but they had not.

I even asked the dog. I thought he might have mistook it for a treat. But I don't think so. And no, I am not looking through his poop for it.

So right now, that little flash drive is gone, gone into oblivion.

I miss that little thing.

Oh where, oh where can it be?


  1. Don't give up hope. I lost one once and it was a couple of weeks before it turned up, bouncing around in the clothes dryer after getting dislodged from the pants pocket I had left it in. I plugged the nice and clean Lexar into the computer and was surprised to find it still worked with all the files intact. It continued to work for another year before I lost it again, this time for good.

  2. Yes, it is easy to lose. This weekend, I looked just about everywhere. The only thing that I can think of is that when I walked the dog and bent down to pick up his poop, it fell out of my pocket, and it is on the lawn somewhere. Otherwise, I am stumped.



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