Monday, May 10, 2010

Rant #252: Weather Or Not It's Spring

Has the weather been kind of bizarre during the past few months?

After a crazy winter--where we here in the East received a ridiculous amount of snow--we are now in spring, and things haven't gotten too much better, or any less bizarre.

I know that where I live, we have gotten all different kinds of weather, sometimes with little warning that we are going to get such a difference in weather than the previous week, or even the previous day.

Take this weekend. We had been getting temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and even had one or two 90-degree days.

The shorts and short sleeves came out, and it looked like the nice weather was here to stay.

Then--bang!--we got hit this weekend with some crazy weather.

Not only did it go into the 30s overnight on Sunday, but Mother's Day was cold and extremely windy. It was in the low 50s and the gusts got into the 50 mph range in some areas. This is after a Saturday where we were supposed to get rain, never did, and temperatures were in the high 70s.

To me, this is not typical May weather. I told my wife that I swore it was October when I looked out the window yesterday morning.

And, to top it off, some of New York's northernmost areas may have even gotten snow this weekend--and this is after they received some white stuff two weeks ago or so.

The middle part of the country has had rainstorms, flooding, tornadoes ... this is really crazy weather, isn't it?

There really isn't much anyone can do but grin and bear it.

Summer supposedly comes next month, and hopefully, it just won't be the name of the season that comes, but nicer weather too.

Isn't that what summer is about?

Right now, the shorts and the short sleeves are in the drawer, but I think they might sit there for awhile. I actually drove to work today with the heat on!

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