Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rant #257: Lebron James Sweepstakes

I haven't written a sport rant in a while, but the time has come.

The Lebron James sweepstakes is ready to begin, and the wait may be over for fans of several teams including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks.

He is to become a free agent in a month and a half, so the watch is on.

James, whose Cavaliers were ousted in the NBA playoffs last week, has a major decision to make, one that we would all love to have: which team to play on, translating to which team is going to break the bank to have this player as a member of its roster.

There are other free agents out there, including Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, but James is, hands down, the cream of this crop. He is the league's best player, its MVP, and no one comes near him for sheer basketball skills and yes, charisma. He has it all, and he is just in his mid-20s.

Who is going to retain the services of this guy?

The Knicks and Nets play in the most lucrative market in professional sports--especially the Knicks--and he could make even more money by playing in the Big Apple, as remember, the Nets are supposed to be moving to Brooklyn in a few years.

The Bulls can offer Lebron everything, including a new coach to his liking. Plus, even though this isn't New York, playing in Chicago will give him a deserved showcase for his talents.

However, I think the Cavaliers have the inside track. He is an Ohio native, and he has much unfinished business to attend to there.

Wherever he lands, circus-time has begun. The speculation I read about every day is nearly killing me.

And wherever he ends up, he will be a very, very rich man, even richer than he is today.

So, let the sweepstakes begin! I love to see people make as much money as they can, although in James' case, his dollar bills are like pennies to the rest of us.

I should have nurtured my basketball skills a bit more when I was growing up in Queens. Maybe I could have been the Lebron James of my day ...

One can dream, can't they?

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