Monday, August 16, 2010

Rant #312: The King of Swat and the King of Rock

Coincidence is a funny thing.

Some people think that things happen at the same time for a reason, while others just think it is coincidence when similar things happen at the same time, place or day.

Well, how would you explain that the two "kings" of their respective avocations died on the same day, albeit 29 years apart?

George Herman "Babe" Ruth, arguably the best baseball player of all time, died today in 1948 at age 53, while Elvis Aron Presley, arguably the greatest rock and roll artist of all time, died in 1977 at age 42.

Each one of them dominated their chosen fields during their heydays. When each died, they were basically way past their primes, but both died having packing in fame, fortune and immortality during relatively short lifespans.

Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs, while Elvis charted well more than 100 singles on the Hot 100 chart.

Both were given to amazing feats, both on and off their fields of choice, related to eating, women, and just living life huge.

One was a Yankee, the other born in the deep South.

I guess there are other parallels, although I think you see by the ones that I posted that both of these people were larger than life figures during life, and yes, after life too.

That they both died on the same day is coincidence, I guess.

However, some people believe that famous deaths happen in threes--who else famous died today?

Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator, died in 2003 at age 78.

Actress Amanda Blake ("Gunsmoke") died in 1989 at age 58.

Bela Lugosi, the creepy actor, died in 1956 at age 73.

The original Shamu the Wale died in 1991 at age 16.

All of these people (and the whale) made their marks in life, but they really can't compare with Ruth and Presley.

So if things happen in threes, will a current or future person who makes an incredible mark on society pass on this date?

Who knows ...

But I think it will be coincidence just the same.

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