Friday, August 6, 2010

Rant #306: I Am Back ... But I'm Not Too Happy About It

Ah, vacations ...

They take us away from the humdrum existence most of us (me included) live.

At least for a short period of time, we don't have to worry about taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, and what tie to wear to work.

But, even though they are generally short-term, vacations spoil you. You live the good life for this short period, and it's really hard to get back in the saddle again for your usual existence.

I didn't have that tough of a time getting back to "normal" after my vacation ended, but I had such a good time, that I wish my time away could have been extended, even for just a few days.

We drove down to the Orlando, Fla., area as we always do, and the vacation began on a sour note when we hit something and had a flat tire in Maryland. Luckily, we were across the highway from the State Trooper station there, and within a few hours, we were back on the road--with a new tire, less money in our pockets, but confident that we wouldn't have another mishap like this again on our trip.

And we didn't. Everything went smoothly. We swam a lot, ate a lot, slept late--did everything good tourists should do. We know the area pretty well, as we have had this time share since the late 1990s, but so many new things are around that it really captured our imagination.

We went to one theme park, Sea World's Aquatica. My family and I were very impressed with this park, which isn't large, but does not lack for exciting things to do.

They have one attraction that topped them all, for me at least. I forget what it is called--I think it is Koa Rapids or something like that--but all you have to do is strap on a swimming life jacket, go in the water, and the water and current actually pushes you around the course. You don't have to get into a tube or anything, you just are pushed around by the current. It allows for lots of fun, even for those that don't swim, because as long as you keep the jacket on, you can't sink.

And on a near 100 degree day, it was refreshing as all get out.

We went to see a game in the exciting Yankees-Rays series, and even though the Yankees lost, we had lots of fun--except in getting to Tropicana Field. The place can sit about 50,000 fans, but they usually get one-third of that amount in attendance. Even on a good day, they might draw in the 20s or low 30s.

Well, for the Yankees, in a battle for first place, they virtually sold out the place for three nights straight. Since they aren't used to such crowds, the traffic was incredible, some of the worst I have ever driven in. A 90 minute trip to the park took about three hours.

We had decent seats, the place was loud, but the Yankees lost.

Otherwise, everything else was pretty much smooth sailing.

And then we got home and I went back to work.

Work is called "work" because of what it is--it isn't a party. And I have been buried since I got back, and that is why this blog has only been restarted today. I just haven't had time to breath.

But I still think back to this past vacation, and look forward to the next one.

Sometimes, I think it is the only thing that keeps me afloat.


  1. Welcome back. I gave up on vacations long ago because I found them to be so stressful I would get home needing a vacation from my vacation. Anyway, now that I'm retired I still find there aren't enough hours in a day. My job is now working 3 days a week going to yard sales. I've been finding lots of picture sleeves that would fit in at your other blog. :)

  2. I wish I had the time, the savings, and the guts to retire. I would love to do what you are doing, but I guess now that the retirement age is now 66 (see new entry), I won't be retiring for many years--and I doubt I will fully retire even then. As for vacations, I have found that they are as stressful as you want to make them. For me, I can sit in the pool all day and it wouldn't bother me.



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