Friday, July 23, 2010

Rant #305: Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Well, not really, because we are driving, but after today, my family and I will be on vacation for about a week and a half.

At about this time every year, my wife and I are burned out from our daily activities, and the vacation comes as a welcome respite from life's little--and big--worries.

We drive to Florida each and every year, or at least since 2001.

I remember the last plane trip we took as a family pretty vividly.

My daughter was still young, so she went with my wife and son. I don't remember much about the trip there--I think I was a little under the weather and so was my son, and my wife forgot her ID but my parents came to the rescue and brought her license to her in the nick of time--but the trip home I remember pretty vividly.

I had recovered by now, but my son was not yet 100 percent. If I remember correctly, he had to be calmed down by the flight attendants. He was not yet six years old at this time, and for some reason, he was freaking out on the plane.

Funny, my wife and I felt funny on that plane ride home even before my son started to howl. I don't know what it was, but we felt something eerie about us on that plane, even though it took off and landed safely.

Not to connect the dots too harshly, but a few weeks later, we experienced the horror of 9/11.

My wife and I talked about it. Sometimes you get premonitions for no reason. But we both experienced it on that ride.

Very weird indeed.

Now we drive, and yes, we lose time, but I think we gain independence. I understand why one has to go through what one has to go through to get on a plane nowadays, but I like the fact that I am in my own car and can virtually do what I want when I drive to Florida.

The 1,200 miles go pretty smoothly, and by Sunday, we will be at our destination.

I really can't wait. I can't wait for the sun, the fun, the radio stations I hear once a year, the TV stations I watch once a year, the swimming, the relaxation, and the fun of being with my family 24/7 for a few days.

So I will be virtually incognito for the next two weeks, as there is no Internet where we are staying.

It will be a nice break for us.

But let me get through today before I get too excited.

And yes, there is Annette again, heralding our yearly jaunt to Florida--even though she was in California when this photo was taken.

Speak to you in August.

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