Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rant #300: I Hope I Live To Be 300

This is the 300th post that I have made at this site.

I guess I am in the mood for a celebration.

Since June of 2009, I have posted lots of things about lots of topics--music, TV, films, everyday things like hating to wear a tie, obituaries on everyone from the creator of the Chipwich to George Steinbrenner ...

This place has been a compendium of things that are on my mind that I really need to talk about.

I know people from around the world visit this site, because I have a counter that allows me peaks into who visits. No, it doesn't tell me your name or your street address or phone number, but it tells me where you are coming from as far as physically where, and I find that this site is visited by not just people in the U.S., but those in South America, Australia and Europe, and elsewhere.

I guess I am happy that "my two cents" is making its way around the world.

In the old days, if I were to do something like this, I would have to send around a newsletter to people via snail mail. I would have to get your address and your name, write it, and print it out. I would also have to spend money to send it to you.

Well, in this age that we live in, all that is out the window.

I can write what I want to write, push a button, and it is there for all to see.

Years ago, I put out a fanzine called Hear Again. I had to print it on a copy machine, and it took hours to write up and print out this way. Also, I had to get subscribers, which I advertised for in various ways.

Whatever money came out of this enterprise went right back into it for whatever costs I had associated with the publication.

It was pretty successful in its own right. It went to not only the U.S., but also to Europe and Asia. It won a fanzine award from Goldmine Magazine, the only time they ever gave awards out of this sort. I think it was for "Best Oldies Fanzine," but they didn't even send me a plaque or anything--I read about its award in the pages of Goldmine!

After doing this for a few years, I stopped. It was just too time consuming.

Now, years later, I can do this not on a monthly basis, but on a daily basis, and it takes up no time at all.

The Internet is an incredible thing, especially when it is used the right way. And I think this site uses the Internet the right way.

Anyway, thanks for visiting, please post any thoughts you might have on any of my posts, and keep coming back.

I don't make a dime off this thing, but it is fun to do.

Thanks again.

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