Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rant #289: Slow Week

Well, at least I am not going to talk about any of my blogs today.

Nonetheless, this has been a slow week newswise. As we enter the early days of summer, there isn't much going on.

I could have talked about how Marilyn's Monroe's chest X-rays were auctioned off. Honestly, I would rather that her chest have been auctioned off when she was alive than her innards today. But I guess there is always a market for something.

I could have talked about how the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death sparked a worldwide celebration of the man, his music, and the numerous contributions he made to our culture. I am sure those he had inappropriate relationships with were also rejoicing, but for different reasons.

I could have talked about the fact that New York appears to be nudging closer to no-fault divorces. Every other state has it but New York, and I can tell you from personal experience what a nuisance that was. But I managed to live through it.

I could have talked about Hurricane Alex, which is or isn't a threat to the oil cleanup mess in the Gulf depending on who you are getting your news from. Whatever it is, it can't be too good.

I could have talked about the fact that I am going to be in a new book about my old neighborhood, Rochdale Village, Queens, N.Y., which will be released in the fall. I am quoted in there, at least in a footnote, about my school experiences there. The book's title is real long-- "ROCHDALE VILLAGE: Robert Moses, 6,000 Families, and New York City's Great Experiment in Integrated Housing" by Peter Eisenstadt (like me, a former resident whose brother I used to play ball with). If you are interested in finding out more about this book, look it up in your favorite search engine under "Rochdale Village."

I could have spoken about a myriad of other things, but I decided that this was such a slow week leading into the holiday that I would take a break from my usual banter to highlight my blogs.

But that's all been done. What else can I talk about?

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