Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rant #437: Heart To Heart

Hey guys, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

It's Monday, February 14, so it is just 11 days away.

What better way to warm your lady's heart during this horrid winter than to get her something on this very important day?

Don't forget Valentine's Day, because if you do, your lady won't ever let you forget about it again!

I personally don't mind Valentine's Day a bit. In fact, I not only buy something for my wife, but I usually give my son and daughter something too, and sometimes I give to my parents too (this year I intended to do this with my parents, I did buy my father something a while ago, but it is too good, and I will hold it for his birthday).

Why not? I love them all.

Of course, the love you have between yourself and your spouse is a different type of love, a love which helped you to create your little ones.

So you have to go the extra mile for your spouse.

I am not much of a flower person, although I have bought my wife flowers in the past. About three years ago, I bought her satin flowers, and we still display them in the living room.

This year, I bought her a watch. This is something she really needs, because all of her watches have died. Everyone needs to know the time in an instant, so a watch was the perfect gift for her.

And I am not blowing anything, because she knows what I bought her. In fact, she was in the store with me when I bought it, although she didn't see the one I eventually purchased.

I still have to get the requisite cards, but other than that, I guess I am OK with Valentine's Day this year.

I remember that as a young kid, I would hear my mother lament to my father that he didn't recognize Valentine's Day--he didn't get her anything, because he claimed it was a Christian holiday.

But in recent years, the "St." of St. Valentine's Day has been dropped, and the card companies have made it known that it is an American holiday rather than a religious one.

So for the past number of years or so, my father has acquiesced, and gotten my mother a nice card and some type of gift each Valentine's Day.

It's funny, but the heart that is pushed to us as being the heart of love isn't really that. A real human heart doesn't have that type of shape.

The heart that we know as the heart of love actually more closely resembles a human rear end than anything else.

No, I am not implying anything, although you can read into it anything that you want.

So there you have it.

Valentine's Day is in 11 days.

Just don't forget it.

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