Friday, February 25, 2011

Rant #452: Charlie, Charlie

I think the war between Charlie Sheen and basically himself may have reached its ultimate stage yesterday.

Sheen, the drug using, alcohol abusing, porn star musing star of CBS's "Two and a Half Men," went berserk yesterday, not that he hasn't gone nuts before.

The CBS show is on hiatus because of Sheen's behavior, and the actor (or should I say drunken idiot) sent a letter to gossip mongering site calling the show's producer, Chuck Lorre, a "contaminated little maggot."

Earlier in the day, Sheen went on a radio talk show and would only refer to Lorre as "Chaim Levine" (Lorre's real name is Charles Michael Levine).

Fearing further controversy over what could be looked at as an anti-Semitic rant, CBS and producer Warner Bros. TV announced that production of TV's top-rated situation comedy was being shut down for the season because of the "conduct and condition" of its star.

A few weeks ago, CBS pretty much acknowledged that the future of the show was prohibitive, and ordered extra episodes of "Mike and Molly" and "Hawaii Five-O"--the shows also on Monday nights--to cover for Sheen's show's uncertain future.

I applaud CBS for pulling the plug on the show for the season, but they should go one better--pull the plug on Sheen.

He is TV's highest paid star, and the show is a cash cow for CBS.

But at this point, with Sheen nearing the end of his "warning" period--it should have been at its end years ago but CBS trudged on with him even through arrests, drugs, alcohol, porn stars, you name it--I think it is time for the show to move on without Sheen, or simply be canceled altogether.

This is a guy who has abused his good luck one too many times. I mean, c'mon, what is so special about this guy anyway?

The show is in a cushy time spot, so I don't think fans will turn away from it because Sheen isn't there.

Sure, he is the spark plug for the show, but I think the time has come to drop him--for the good of CBS and WB and, for that matter, Sheen himself.

Sheen is a 50-something guy who acts as if he is 20. He has always lived the fast life, but the wall is approaching.

And when you speed, you inevitably crash.

And he will, you can bet on that.

The guy is mentally ill. In any other profession, he would be in a sanitarium.

But in this society, actors are held to a different standard. They are allowed to be a little,, let's say weird.

Well, you know what? He puts on his pants the same way I do, but I can actually stand up and do it.

In his current state, he can't.

Is this worth millions of dollars a year? I don't think so.

CBS, pull the plug on Sheen permanently.

Heck, bring in Emilion Estevez if you must--but get rid of Sheen.

And it will be for his own good.


  1. They go back into production next week to film 4 episodes and finish the season, so they'll be shy 4 episodes of a normal season. Sheen will be there.
    As long as Charlie shows up for work, CBS can't really do much, he honors his side of the contract and the show is a huge hit for the network. There will be two more seasons and then i'm sure it'll be over with (i think that'll be around 10 years for the show and much money for all in syndication-dvds-etc for all)

  2. I thought they were shutting down this season for good, and now you say they are filming four episodes. I don't know who to believe.

    There is a "behavior" clause in every standard contract, which gives the network and/or the production company to terminate a contract if a performer goes way out of line.

    I guess that greed has set in here. As long as this idiot makes headlines, the show will continue to get huge ratings, which, or course, equals more money.

    If they were true to the clause, he would have been removed a long time ago.

  3. I hadn't seen his latest rant, sorry about that, you're right the show is shut down for the season.
    I went "Oy" when i heard what Charlie was saying about the Producer (it kind of sounds like a power trip going on behind the scenes there) what is it with these Catholic "stars" out there?
    I think money will be the answer in the end, big payoff to Sheen to either make him go away or clean up...i can see it now in the fall a huge publicity campaign on how Charlie is cleaned up and back to work and it'll be a ratings monster.

  4. I wish for once that someone who hold these 'stars' accountable for their actions outside of the set. Sheen does nothing but tarnish the CBS brand and bring such negative publicity while laughing at all us 'normals' who he feels are beneath him. I would love him to mess up so badly that he is put in jail. Just one weekend with the hard timers and Charlie may stop feeling so entitled. He is such a douchbag that has given up his membership card to the human race.

  5. Or they will one day find him in an alley someday.

    The time to clean up his act is now, and if it takes completely canceling the show, then so be it. But then again, the show is a cash cow for CBS, so I think they will go to any ends possible to keep it going.

    Whether what he said was anti-Semitic or not, what he has done in total the past few years warrants CBS to use that behavior clause and get rid of this fool.

    And his father is pulling the line that his addictions are akin to having cancer. I am sure those with cancer appreciated that.

    By their behavior, they do feel entitled, but again, they put on their pants just like we do. They are no better or worse than us peons. The problem is that they don't accept that.



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