Friday, August 5, 2011

Rant #553: Pain, Then Questions

The continuing saga of my health, er, continues.

Now, after more than a week on vacation, and then a morning of horror on Tuesday, I went to the urologist yesterday afternoon to find out more about what probably happened to me that fateful morning.

To sum it all up, the results, thus far, are somewhat inconclusive.

It does appear that I had a kidney stone, or might still have a kidney stone, or might have passed part of the kidney stone. The doctor doesn't know just yet.

I was in some discomfort yesterday morning at work in the area where I would be having discomfort, without getting too graphic. I went to the bathroom a number of times, and according to the doctor, I could have passed the stone during that time, leading to the slight discomfort--it was never pain--that I had.

The stone was so small that it could have come out without me realizing it. Or it might have partially come out.

I was checked for that, and also had some other areas checked, and was given the OK to resume normal activities, which I had pretty much done already anyway.

The urologist scheduled an appointment for me for next Friday, and then he will run a series of tests to see if I am done with this thing.

I don't feel bad, but I am still not myself. My appetite is not there, and I feel bloated from all the medication I have been taking.

But I certainly don't feel as bad as I did on Tuesday morning.

I had a decent sleep last night, so I guess what I don't yet know won't hurt me, or at least won't hurt me as much as this little pebble I had inside of me--and still might have inside of me--did the other day.

The one thing it has done is forced me to look at myself, and although this might be famous last words, I have sworn off the snacking and the extended drinking of juice that I used to rely on during the day.

I am drinking lots of water. I probably will go back to my old habits eventually, but right now, I am trying to watch what I eat--and when I eat--a little more vigorously.

Let's see what happens.

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