Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rant #557: Leave Bert and Ernie Alone

In this politically correct world we live in, nothing is sacred. People can't live well enough alone because it isn't the "right" thing to do in their minds.

Such is the latest case where people have completely lost their vision, striving to use children's characters to further their own political gain.

Hence, the recent movement to have the characters Bert and Ernie get married on "Sesame Street."

Yes, due to the recent nod to the acceptance of gay marriage--and in particular, the legality of gay marriage in New York State--there are some people who believe that no icon should be left unturned by this acceptance, no matter what medium one is talking about.

And that includes those on the ground-breaking children's TV show which has delighted--and educated--generations of viewers since 1969.

Bert and Ernie are among the central characters of the show. Sure, they have lived together for 42 years, but their relationship seems to be more like "The Odd Couple" than anything else. Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, not anything else.

And their very characters are based on Bud Abbott and Lou Costello to begin with.

But some people believe that to push forward gay marriage, such characters must show their "true" side and get with the times.

And they have set up a Facebook page for that very purpose, trying to start a petition to present to producers to get this thing onto the air.

What a load of hogwash!

I have stated my stand on gay marriage in the past, and I won't do so again here, because it serves no purpose.

But to have children's characters support an adult agenda is ridiculous.

These are puppets. They aren't real, but in kids' eyes, they are icons.

But does a six year old think about his or her sexuality? Does a six year old think about such characters' sexuality?

Do they even know what that means?

The move to get Bert and Ernie married simply sexualizes characters who really don't have such thoughts.

They are puppets. They don't really exist.

The tandem of Bert and Ernie is not Ellen Degeneres, who came out on her TV series, nor are they all of the celebrities who have come out of the closet in recent years.

They are kids' characters, not people, nothing more.

It is this type of thinking about Bert and Ernie that turns so many people off of gay rights.

It's beating people over the head with your beliefs, and it is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Leave kids' stuff alone. If you want to further gay rights, make stronger anti-discrimination laws, laws that will fully integrate gays into our society.

Don't legislate Bert and Ernie. And don't sexualize them.

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