Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rant #610: "Occupy Wall Street" Is Over (Or Should Be)

Making your point is one thing, overstaying your welcome is another.

I think that after six weeks, Occupy Wall Street protesters have made their point. Corporate America is partly to blame for the current economic state of this country. I don't think too many people can dispute that.

They made their point, but now, they are overstaying their welcome.

The ones who are still part of this movement, and who are occupying Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, are becoming parasites rather than protesters.

They are feeding off the initial goodwill that New York City showed them, and they are starting to cross the boundaries of staying too long at the party.

It seems that for every diehard protester, there are hangers on who really don't care about what is going on, but they are in for a free meal.

And based on recent news reports, some of them are also in for a good feel, as at least one "protester" has been brought up on sexual harassment charges.

According to news reports, the protesters are littering the streets, relieving themselves all over the park, destroying businesses in the area, and they are becoming more violent and defiant.

And as the movement has spread, the defiance and violence quotients are up. Look at what is happening in Oakland, the site of the Berkeley student protests of the 1960s.

It's becoming not a non-violent protest, but a mob scene, with a mob mentality.

The people who are part of this movement are basically descendants of the people who took over the universities in the 1960s. Many are from rich families, and they use corporate America when they need to, blast them when they don't.

Sure, many are homeless, out of work, in poverty, and are in other forms of personal disarray.

And their initial point was a good one.

But like I have said, they have overstayed their welcome. They made their point, and now it is time to move on.

They have become a joke, not a flashpoint for change.

Trying to shut down docks, office buildings and other commerce generators is not making a point, it is giving reasons for the effected companies to lay off workers.

Is that what the goal is now?

I think the goals have become somewhat frazzled now. People are just coming to the meeting places, with their iPads and cell phones created by corporate America, to be seen. They don't care about being heard anymore, they just want to be seen. And many don't go back to the park, the take the railroad back to their homes in Long Island and Westchester.

Cushy indeed.

And lest we forget, lots of celebrities, who would be down and out and not reeling in millions without the backing of various corporations, are showing up, to be seen.

One person who actually has been in attendance at some of the rallies actually told me that a major celebrity, who shall remain nameless, appeared at the meeting place after exiting a limousine.

C'mon now, let's get real!

I have not been there, and have no plans to. But if you want to believe what you read, this movement, if you will call it that, is populated not by protesters, but by squatters.

I think it is time to close it down, and close it down before there are any more problems.

And if it lasts any longer, you can bet there will be problems, and plenty of them.

And what have the protesters actually accomplished other than bring attention to themselves?

Nothing--absolutely nothing.

And they have become warts to the communities that they have seized.

It is time to use wart remover.

Get rid of them, and get rid of them before this becomes a situation that is completely out of control.

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