Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rant #620: Somebody's Baby

Amid all the other things happening in this world we live in, I am sure that you heard that the paternity suit against teen idol Justin Bieber was dropped.

The woman dropped her case after Bieber said he would not only take a paternity test to prove his innocence, but would also file a countersuit against her, presumably for defamation of character.

The woman, 20, claimed that she had an encounter backstage with Bieber, 17, and even though the suit was dropped, she is still pressing her claim that he fathered her child.

Yes, and I am sure Bieber fathered many, many more children around the country and around the world since he became a superstar about two years ago.

This has been going on since time began. An "innocent" woman claims that a famous person has fathered her child.

Sometimes, the claim is right on the money, as in the John Edwards situation.

Other times ... well, the women are simply delusional.

Or perhaps they think they will get a quick buck from a celebrity who doesn't want to go through the whole public relations mess that a paternity suit might bring.

I remember an interview that Micky Dolenz--one of the all-time great pop idols as a member of the Monkees--gave to Tom Snyder on the old "Tomorrow" show years ago.

Snyder asked him and Davy Jones point blank about the number of paternity suits that were filed against the two, and the other Monkees, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith, during their heyday.

He said something to the effect that, "Yes, many were filed. We used to hook up with other musicians, and compare notes. I would ask another musician, 'Did you get that letter in the mail from the Cathcart family of North Carolina, claiming that you fathered their daughter's child?,' and they would say 'Yes.' The problem was that it was a form letter and we used to get the same letter from dozens of families around the country. Nothing ever came of any of them."

Look, these guys aren't that innocent. Their pop stardom allows them to pick and choose, if they so desire, women (or in today's world, men and women), who they might like to have flings with.

Don't tell me that Bieber and Dolenz are/were immune to that type of lifestyle. That's how groupies came about, and yes, there are plenty of groupies even in today's politically correct age.

Bieber's accuser's lawyer claims that the lawsuit was never officially dismissed, so there is a possibility that it could be reopened.

If I were talking to the accuser, I would say she should move on. She appears to have some type of mental problem, and I would get that taken care of before she continues to proclaim that Bieber is the father.

I never thought I would defend Bieber, but I am now.

Because this time, he is right.

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