Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rant #675: Playboy Boy Toy Rabbit Punched?

With all that is going on in the world, this is a story that completely came out of left field.

Marston Hefner, the son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, was out on $20,000 bail after allegedly assaulting his live-in girlfriend, 2010 Playboy Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair.

The younger Hefner, one of two sons that the older Hefner had with his former wife, 1989 Playboy Playmate of the Year Kimberly Conrad, was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence. He paid his bail, and there is no court date yet set.

And to have all of this happen right before Valentine's Day ...

The younger Hefner has been brought up in an idyllic lifestyle, the very rich son of a very rich man. What young Marson does for a living is anyone's guess.

He has been surrounded by a bounty of babes since the day he was born 21 years ago.

He co-habitates with a woman barely out of her teens, and evidently, he competes with his dad and his brother Cooper for young babes.

At least neither one of the boys wears a sailor hat like their famous dad.

Honestly, I can't figure the Hefner family out.

They worship women, use them for their own benefit, the women use the Hefners for their own benefit, and everybody is happy.

Until now.

This puts a stain on the older Hefner's reputation as a champion for women's rights.

Of course, it is his right to have used them to make a fortune that most of us can only dream about.

But domestic violence is another thing altogether.

All the older Hefner could say about his son's arrest was that, "If they care about each other, they'll patch it up."

Yup, that's it. I guess the older Hefner wants to distance himself from his son.

But the older Hefner appears to be somewhat guilty by association, if for nothing more than providing a lifestyle for his kids where they evidently don't know right from wrong.

I will give the older Hefner one thing: he took nothing and made something out of it, something huge. To this day, he is a hard worker, although he kind of looks like a dirty old man at this point in time.

His kids were born with silver spoons in their mouths, and that often isn't a good sign.

Hopefully, the younger Hefner will right his ways, and get on with his life, whatever that life actually is.

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