Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rant #700: Hitting the Big 7-0-0

Well, Ranting Raving has done it again!

We've hit the magic 700 Rant mark, magic in my own mind and incredible in my own mind at the same time.

Who would have thought that all these months later, this blog would reach 700 Rants?

I never did, never in my wildest imagination, but alas, it has.

What do we do to celebrate No. 700?

Nothing special, just look over some 700s that need to be looked at.

How many baseball players have hit at least 700 home runs?

Well, there's Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.

And in Bonds' case, the steroid accusations will seemingly never go away.

With me, yes, I take steroids, but I take them in my cholesterol pill.

I wonder if that helps me write such prolific columns as I've written here?

I don't know, maybe Barry can fill us in on that.

According to Wikipedia, the year 700 was a leap year, starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar.

There's the 700 Club, with preacher Pat Robertson at the helm.

Somehow, I prefer my own "700 Club" to his, now that this Rant has allowed me to actually be part of that club.

There are restaurants with the number 700 in their name, a Remington gun model, and lots of other things using the number 700.

Back to the club ... even though I have only been a member for a few minutes, I like being part of my own 700 Club.

The best thing about it is that it lets me wonder about the future of this blog ...

And I guess that in a couple of months, I will be joining my own "800 club."

But that's for then, this is now.

"700 bottles of beer on the wall, 700 bottles of beer, and if one of those bottles should happen to fall ... "

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