Friday, March 23, 2012

Rant 701: Going to the Prom

Going to the prom is a rite of passage for many of us.

We managed to get through four years of high school, so I guess some people think it is important to go to this gathering too.

Me, I didn't go. Didn't know any girls, was too shy ... you name it, I never made it to my prom.

It really wasn't important to me, anyway, and honestly, I don't think I missed out on a thing.

But flash forward nearly 40 years later, and proms have become somewhat difficult.

Whether it be the naming of those considered "non-conformists" as the prom queen or the playing of certain music that is deemed too risque for the student body, proms have become convoluted.

And in the Internet age, they have become even more so, as enterprising teens invite celebrities to be their dates--and the celebrities often accept the invitation.

And just when you thought that you have heard everything, well, you haven't.

A Minnesota high school senior who asked 600 porn stars to his prom on Twitter will not be allowed to bring the one who said yes, his school said.

Mike Stone, 18, tweeted to his prospective dates: "i have dinner hotel and ill give u a massage to."

Evidently Stone, who is a special needs child, was turned down by several girls in his own school. Desperately wanting to go to the prom, he came up with the idea of inviting porn stars to be his date.

One accepted, and well, she isn't going to be allowed to attend the prom at Tartan High School, Oakdale, Minn.

School administrators banned Megan Piper, 19, who is a Los Angeles-based adult entertainer, from attending the prom.

The photo I included with this Rant is about the only one of her that I could find that would keep this a PG site.

Stone's mother had no idea what her son had done. "I was a little upset at first and I feel like I'm on my kids and know what they're up to," Diven Stone reportedly said to news outlets. "But I support him and I don't understand what her profession has to do with anything."

In a statement released to ABC affiliate KSTP, Tartan High School said Piper's attendance "would be prohibited under Tartan's standard prom procedures and would be inconsistent with two school district policies." Those policies prohibit activity that may lead to disruptions.

I guess a porn star that few have heard of can cause a terrible disruption, especially since she would be at the prom with her clothes on like everyone else who is attending.

Piper, who is just a few months older than Stone, was quoted as saying she is disappointed the school banned her from being Stone's prom date, especially since she never attended her own high school prom.

"I can make this kid's dream prom experience come true and get a chance to go to a prom," she told "It was a win for both of us."

Stone--who, come to think of it, has the perfect porn name himself--and Piper plan to throw their own "alternative prom" and invite the Tartan High School students to attend it instead.

Well, I ask you, what is this world coming to?

He asks 600 porn stars to attend and just one says yes?

Where is their morality here? Where is their common sense?

Yes, it really is "The End of the World As We Know It," isn't it?

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