Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rant #905: My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

This is a holiday that we don't get a day off from work for, but if we don't handle it the right way, we could be on a vacation for a long, long time.

Women tell their husbands that they don't want anything, but if you don't get them anything, you are on their sh-- list for at least the time being.

Greeting card companies make the most of this day. It is one of their biggest holidays of the year, and when looking for a card, you have so many choices: traditional cards, religious ones (this is, after all, SAINT Valentine's Day), musical ones, large ones, small ones ... you name it, they have it.

Although this year, I had a really tough time finding grandparents cards. I did find one, but there must have been a run on new babies during the past year, because there weren't too many grandparents cards to choose from.

Anyway, some people give their loves flowers, others give candy, and others give a lot of other gifts, like jewelry.

Me, I have gone the flowers route a few times, and it is really a nice thing to give on the holiday. Last year, I did that.

This year, I just kept it small. I bought the requisite cards, and I got my wife something small but nice. I can't tell you what I got her because if she reads this, it will upset the celebration.

My wife stays away from the sweets, so candy is out, but I got her something nice.

I just expect a card from her, and that is fine with me.

I always thought of Valentine's Day as the day the man buys the woman something, not really the other way around, so a card is just fine.

So to all the men that read this blog, you better go out and get something for your loved one, because if you don't, you will regret it.

You don't need to go crazy, just buy her something nice.

And for you ladies who read this blog, I hope you aren't forgotten.

The bottom line is, you deserve to be put on a pedestal today for all you do for us men.

So happy Valentine's Day, and remember guys ...

Don't forget!

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