Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rant #909: Looking For An Iceberg

I heard about this yesterday, and just ending my family's cruise like we did, it is kind of strange, isn't it?

Some crazy billionaire has invested his money into building a replica of the star-crossed Titanic vessel, which, as we all know, hit an iceberg and never made it to its destination.

The ship, being built in China, should be ready by 2016, and supposedly, hundreds of people want to sail the ship.

The maiden voyage of this ship will follow the same exact route as its namesake did, and will be styled in the same way.

In fact, cruisers are urged to dress in period costumes of the day of the original vessel.

Meals will also replicate what was served on the first Titanic.

Why do people want to be on such a boat, and why is there a need for such a vessel?

Well, I guess people feel that lightning can't possibly strike twice. What happened to the first Titanic simply can't happen to the second.

And I guess there is a bit of nostalgia associated here.

To this day, the Titanic stands as the world's most famous cruise ship, even if it just made one trip, and never completed that trip.

Its original billing as "the ship that cannot sink," and the fact that it actually did fail, is a testament to the fact that talk is very, very cheap.

And I guess the last "Titanic" film really put the idea in people's heads that this might be a good idea.

Having just been on a cruise, I don't know if such an idea is a good one.

We had one night where the boat rocked more than Chuck Berry ever did, and I was holding onto the bed for dear life.

I can only imagine what the original passengers felt like when their ship was sinking.

It is scary being out in the middle of nowhere with only water around you from every side.

I guess this is not for people like me, it is for people with a sense of real adventure, literally thumbing their noses at the history of the original Titanic and putting Mother Nature on notice that nothing can stop them, not even She.

I just hope they have enough life boats this time.

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