Friday, May 31, 2013

Rant #974: Freaky Friday

Today is one of those days where I don't really have a clear direction on what I want to write about here.

Nothing really stands out.

May is almost over, thank goodness.

This has been a tough month on my wife and myself, both mentally and financially.

Just when we think we are over the hump, something else comes our way to knock us down a notch.

My Yankees are truly pathetic.

After a nice start to the season, with injuries piling up but with replacement players stepping up, they have hit that wall I kind of knew that they would hit.

And they did it against crosstown rivals the New York Mets.

I can't even watch anymore.

Yesterday, I spoke about Deanna Lund's birthday, and the day before, Barbara Eden's ability at an advanced age to look absolutely gorgeous.

Maybe I should concentrate on female performers I had crushes on when I was a pre-teen.

Let's see, in addition to Lund and Eden, there was certainly Barbara Feldon of "Get Smart" fame.

Elizabeth Montgomery from "Bewitched."

Marlo Thomas from "That Girl."

Angela Cartwright from "Lost In Space."

Dawn Welles from "Gilligan's Island."

(And someone has just brought up to me the beautiful Karen Valentine from "Room 222." How could I have forgotten her?)

And then, from the music world, there was certainly Annette Funicello. But based on the many instances she has shown up in this blog, you already knew that.

How about the two ladies from the singing group the 5th Dimension, Florence LaRue and Marilyn McCoo? Not only did the names rhyme, but they were plenty hot back then, all over TV and the music charts, and they were really good looking women.

My, oh my, there were probably others ... my father loved Marilyn Monroe, so I knew her name at an early age. I don't know if I had what you could call a "crush" on her, but I did know who she was even when I was a very little kid.

But onto other things.

June is right around the corner, and it is something of a big month for my family.

As I said earlier this week, my son will get his high school portrait taken next week, and hopefully, it will be a good photo of him.

On the same day that he gets his photo taken, he gets a trophy from his bowling league at a dinner we will be attending.

And then, on June 6, it is my wedding anniversary.

Number 20, I might add, so it is an important milestone that my wife and I will hit.

And there you go.

Without much of a thought about what I was going to write about today, I touched on a number of subjects, and have fulfilled my desire to bring you an interesting, fun-filled column.

Well, maybe not after all, but well, it is Freaky Friday.

I have two days to rest up my writing chops and to bring you something really good on Monday.

See you then.


  1. Just Write
    I Find Your Blog Fun And Always Interesting
    Thank You For Putting Your Thoughts Out There

  2. Thank you very much, Sam. I just wish more people would respond. I know that people do visit this blog pretty regularly, but hardly anyone responds to anything.

    Thanks again for your kind comments.



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