Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rant #1,015: To Good Health

Yesterday, I went for the first part of my annual physical, and so far, so good.

I have had some issues lately, but at least right now, I am OK.

I still have a problem with my neck, which, I'm afraid, impacts my entire body.

The pinched nerve that I have has recently impacted my jaw, which appears to have been slightly out of alignment on a few occasions during the past few weeks.

You can literally hear it "pop," and it hurts to eat. I had this as a teen, but it never hurt and it went away as I grew older and my body matured.

It came back a few weeks ago, but happily, with a couple of adjustments to my eating habits, it hasn't returned.

I also have a very small growth behind my ear that the doctor said he will remove during my next visit.

No cancer, just one of those crazy things that one gets out of the blue.

But otherwise, I am OK, I am happy to say.

I will be going for a followup, where that growth will be removed, at the end of the month, and later, I will go for some other tests to be done, but right now, I am pretty fit.

I am only saying this because I read this morning that actor Dustin Hoffman was recently treated for cancer.

They are not saying what cancer it was, but it was removed surgically, and he is said to be doing very well.

Guaranteed, he simply went in for a routine physical, and they found something that needed to be taken care of.

Good for him, and I hope he never has to deal with this again.

If you hesitate going for your physical because you feel that the doctor will find something, please don't put off going to the doctor.

I know lots of people put it off and off, but you really should go at least once a year.

Chances are, even if you have issues, they are minor, but you should be checked out anyway.

Believe me, nobody likes to go to the doctor. I certainly don't.

But when the doctor says I am doing fine, it really makes me feel good.

And it will make you feel good too.

And if, by chance, something is found, would you prefer it not be found, and you suffer in the process, and, perhaps, it gets worse?

No, get it done, and get it done now.

Congratulations to Dustin Hoffman, and so far, I also get at least a pat on the back.

Further visits will show that I am just an average, normal 56 year old. I have some issues, but nothing I can't overcome.

I feel ready to go today, and in a funny way, I can't wait for my other doctor visits, to prove without a shadow of a doubt that I am fit as a fiddle ...

Yes, maybe a very old fiddle, with stings plucked many, many times, but a fiddle that can still play music pretty well.

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