Monday, March 31, 2014

Rant #1,375: All Busted Up About the News

I watch at least one newscast each and every day on TV.

I know that we are being told that people are getting their news from the Internet nowadays, but I prefer the good old fashioned local news--and newspapers--to really keep me up to date on what is going on.

And as a man in the New York Metropolitan area, the female newscasters that are on the local newscasts today are about the nicest looking women that you could find.

Yes, this is the golden age of female newscasters in New York TV news.

One is prettier than the other, and while that is probably by design, their looks do grab you beyond the fact that these ladies are professionals in every way, shape and form.

But sometimes, they put their femininity first before their professionalism, and that is when they get in a little trouble.

The local Channel 5 weekend news has become notorious for this type of thing. Two of its female broadcasters, Christina Park, the anchor, and Audrey Puente, the meteorologist (and daughter of jazzman Tito Puente), are nice looking 30-something women, but they often wear outfits that make them the news, not what they are reporting on.

Both have good figures, and this was a problem for Park on Saturday night.

In the somewhat looser environment of this show versus the weekday programs, Park, who was recently pregnant and gave birth a few months ago, often wears outfits that highlight the upper part of her figure. She did this again on Saturday night, with a blouse with a plunging neckline that showed all the world that yes, she has quite a bit of cleavage.

Funny, but I have seen her wear even more cleavage-bearing tops in the past, but I am mentioning this recent situation because of the reaction later on.

Anyway, any which way he moved, the viewers focus had to be on her breasts because of what she was wearing. Today's women's outfits do bear a bit more than they did in past years, but she is the anchor of the weekend newscast, for crying out loud.

I mean, as a man, I didn't mind it at all, but evidently, someone at the station did.

As I was turning the channels on Saturday evening, it was time for the 10 p.m. newscast, and I just happened to turn it on.

Well, Park was wearing the same top, but lo and behold, it seemed to be a bit moved up on her upper part. Gone was most, if not all, of the cleavage that she had shown on the earlier newscast.

And on Sunday's newscast, she wore a somewhat more conserative outfit that didn't show much of anything.

Ladies, I don't know how women's clothing works, but evidently, Park made some type of adjustment to her wardrobe so she didn't show as much on the later newscast.

Bad for me as a male, but good for the newscast in general. The news is supposed to be the focus, not an anchorwoman's breasts.

But just looking around at local TV newscasts, as I said, this is the golden age of pretty females doing the news on local TV.

I am sure that every metropolitan area has their news hotties, but New York has gone overboard lately.

Heck, on one of the newscasts, we even have a traffic reporter who is a former beauty queen who has posed nude for Playboy in the name of Jill Nicolini on the local CBS affiliate here.

That used to be a career killer, but times have changed, and things like this, I guess, are thought to be a plus.

Although there are some very comely beauties on the network newscasts, the dress code remains a bit firmer on these shows, and the ladies are pretty much covered up from top to bottom.

But on the local newscasts, it seems that just about anything goes now.

After reading this article, you might not find Saturday night's latest bustup on YouTube, but look up any of the three women that I mentioned, and lots of their outfits have gone viral.

It isn't only me who has noticed, evidently.

Isn't this a nice way to begin our week?

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