Monday, August 18, 2014

Rant #1,271: Boring

This weekend was my "boring" weekend.

I simply kept up with everything "boring," and let it go as a two-day vacation from my heck at work.

That made it palatable.

After hearing more and more Robin Williams tributes and analyses--yes, he had the beginning of Parkinson's disease, but my God, the talk almost seemed to infer that all his ailments justified what he did, which it certainly did not--I tried to get into better things to do than to listen to this trash, but ultimately, it was boring this, boring that.

My wife worked the entire weekend, which makes things boring from the get go.

Yes, I had off, but when my wife works the weekend, it is like Saturday and Sunday is taken away from me.

We hardly see each other, and I really don't like it--and neither does she--but she has to work a lot of Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

Anyway, with her away, I did the usual mundane chores of food shopping and laundry, and I spared her having to come home and cook by going out twice to bring in dinner.

She is a great cook, and usually, she gets a break on just Saturday, but I was so fed up with her working that I went out not only Saturday, but Sunday this time too. No reason to come home from work and go to work on the weekend, if you know what I mean.

I was on the computer a bit, trying to move on with my "Bubbling Under" stuff that I described to you several posts back.

It is fun to do, and it really is a time killer.

But after a while, that gets to be same old, same old too.

I watched a lot of baseball.

The Yankees are awful this year, but they somehow managed to take two of three games from one of their divisional rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays.

They didn't play exciting baseball--I know that during the Sunday contest, I actually took a brief nap--but at least they won, paying me back for several hours of watching the two teams plod through nine innings on both Saturday and Sunday.

A win is a win as they say, so I am not complaining.

On Sunday night, my son was invited over to a friend's house to watch WWE's SummerSlam event. It is the WWE's second biggest event of the year--after Wrestlemania--and the card was a good one, highlighted by the Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match.

So I took my son over to his friend, and later on, I watched SummerSlam too.

It was, actually, as good as it was billed, and I found myself really getting into it.

And Cena lost, which is always a bonus.

I picked my son up, went to bed, and here I am, awaiting another exciting week.

No, I should say, another BORING week.

How long until my vacation ... 50 some odd days.

Heck, I really can't wait, I really can't.

Once again, I feel like that rat that runs around the wheel in the cage endlessly.

I definitely need a break ...

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