Monday, November 16, 2009

Rant #133: Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey

It is just a few days before Thanksgiving, and I have to admit that I am starting to get the pre-Thanksgiving blues.

I can't wait for this holiday--I am pretty burned out from work lately, and Thanksgiving always serves as a respite from the usual daily cares that I have. And since I get Black Friday off, too, it makes for a nice, tidy, four-day weekend.

The problem is, there are still 10 days to go before the holiday.

Within those 10 days, there is the usual hustle and bustle of the work week, the usual things that you have to do at home, and all of that, for me, is piled around another of my endless eye examinations to see if that rogue vein that was growing in my eye has been obliterated. I sure hope it has, because it has caused nothing but trouble for me. It came uninvited, and hopefully it has gotten the heck out of my body.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving will be a little different for me, because my sister and her family will not be celebrating it with us. They are seeing some relatives on her husband's side of the family that they have not seen in years, so they won't be at our Thanksgiving meal. I think it is the first time ever that I won't celebrate the holiday with my sister, but so be it.

My daughter also won't be there, as she will be celebrating the holiday with friends once she comes back to our area from school.

My wife invited over some friends, so with my parents in tow, we will have a good gathering.

Up until then, I guess I just have to grit my teeth and make it through the next couple of days.

I think I can do it.

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