Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rant #144: Not Out of the Woods, Yet

This is supposed to be the holiday season. Everybody is supposed to be happy, anticipating the end of the year, and the joyous celebrations that are about to come.

It's been a slow news week, or weeks, but one story just keeps on giving:

Tiger Woods!

Yes, Mr. Perfect has shown himself to be anything but.

Every day, new revelations come out about who he was supposedly involved with, what happened during his car accident, why he ran from his home in the first place ... and we, as the news-hungry public, are eating this up like it was Christmas dinner.

Women are also coming out of the woodwork, saying that they had affairs with Tiger. In fact, one woman, with the appropriate name "Grubbs," has said that she had a multi-year romance with the golfer, and has emails and photos and such to prove it.

Well, bully for her! I am sure that Playboy will be calling on her soon, as well as all the other floozies who are chiming in on this major media event.

Tiger, himself, has offered something of an apology, saying that he was a bad boy and will make up for his transgressions.

Heck, it it wasn't for this story, what would we do with our lives? There is nothing really going on now, and the public does not seem to be infatuated with the President's Afghanistan plan yet.

Just think ... if it wasn't for this story, the top story of the day might be that Meredith Baxter came out of the closet!

It's a wonderful time of the year, isn't it?


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  2. Tiger Woods will forever be "Skankappotomus AKA Tigger the Nigger. Sorry folks..but he deserves all the euphemisms after the way he's behaved. Send him back to the bush where he belongs



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