Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rant #149: I Never Had Teachers Like This

Were you ever "hot for teacher" when you were in school?

Well, in a school in Brooklyn, New York, "hot for teacher" was another teacher-and both were female!

The New York Daily News reports that two female Romance language instructors were tossed out of their Brooklyn high school after being caught "undressed" in an empty classroom.

Students at James Madison High School in Midwood were watching a talent show in the auditorium while the two teachers engaged in extra-curricular activities, according to sources.

A janitor stumbled on French teacher and a married Spanish instructor, and told school officials about the incident on November 20.

Both tenured teachers were removed from the classroom while they are being investigated for misconduct.

The episode is the talk of the school. Students even set up a Facebook group to discuss the shenanigans, and it already has logged more than 500 fans.

Students said both teachers were popular, and the photos the newspaper had of the two females show that yes, they are probably Playboy Magazine worthy, if that is a barometer of beauty that once can use.

What happens to these two lovebirds will be decided by the Department of Education, but what a male fantasy: two beautiful teachers engaged in a tryst at the local high school!

I don't know, I never had a teacher that I fell in love with. I had female teachers-and male teachers, for that matter--that I liked, but I liked them for their personalities and their abilities as a teacher. No fantasies here.

I had a teacher in college that I really liked--she was young, pretty and was a good teacher to boot--but a sexual thought never entered my head.

The only teachers I may have "lusted after" in my adolescent mind were on TV--the characters played by Denise Nicholas and Karen Valentine on "Room 222" come to mind.

Now, these two young teachers have lived the ultimate fantasy I guess--and they are probably going to pay for it with their jobs.

Why they did this in the classroom is anyone's guess. They should have carried on somewhere else, but one is married, so I guess their locales are limited.

But so be it. At least for one day, male fantasies have been fulfilled.

And I am sure if they need it, Playboy or some porn maker will not leave them on the unemployment line too long.

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