Friday, December 4, 2009

Rant #146: I Must Be Dreaming ...

I really thought I was dreaming, especially after my previous rant ...

The Knicks and Nets won on the same day, with the Nets breaking their 18-game losing streak.

Well, I thought I was in a dream-like state then, and maybe I still am, but then I was given this bit of news:

The Dave Clark Five's entire catalog is to be released, only on iTunes, but not CD.

I could swear I was dreaming, but evidently, on all accounts, I am not.

On Friday night, the Knicks beat the Hawks, 114-107 in Atlanta, no less.

During the same evening, the Nets ended their record-setting skid, beating a really sorry Charlotte Bobcats team, 97-91.

And as far as the DC5 news, you can read all about the DC5 releases at And you can participate in a discussion about this announcement at my Dave Clark Five Yahoo Group at

I still swear that I must be dreaming, but since I'm not, I thought I would present to you a special Saturday Ranting and Raving entry.

And yes, I guarantee my previous entries on the Nets and Knicks and the DC5 had a major impact on these stories (oh yeah, right!).

Heck, I still say I must be dreaming. Can somebody poke me or something ...

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