Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rant #272: Walking To 70

We are all growing older. Heck, I can feel it in my bones. I am not 20 years old anymore.

And when one of the icons of your youth turns 70, you have to take notice.

Today is Nancy Sinatra's 70th birthday!

It's hard to believe, isn't it, that Frank's daughter, who turned "These Boots Are Made For Walking" into a worldwide phenomenon, is now the big 7-0.

She was one of the hottest girl singers of the 1960s. She was a Sinatra, so she had to be tough, and unlike a lot of the girl singers of that time, she wasn't fluffy. She was full of poison.

Sure, she had other hits, like "Sugar Town" "Somethin' Stupid" (with her dad) and "The Last of the Secret Agents," but she will be forever known for the "Walking" song, which gave her an image that had escaped her in her early recordings.

The cover of that album is a classic, showing Nancy in a pose that was both provocative and downright perverse at the same time.

And she was in several biker movies. No beach movies for this kid. She was rough and tough, and biker movies suited her just fine.

And although she was not in beach movies--the screen could hold only one siren at a time, and Annette Funicello fit the bill in many ways--Nancy Sinatra looked darn good in a bikini ...

And she looked darned good without a bikini, as she proved in a Playboy pictorial when she was past 50.

She still records to this day, and although being a Sinatra has probably been both a blessing and a curse for her, she has had an incredible career, apart from dad.

Here's wishing Nancy Sinatra many more years of health ...

And keep those boots walking forever.

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