Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rant #283: Gag Me With a Gaga

Who is this Lady Gaga and why has she been put on this earth?

The more I read about this individual, the more I can't stand her.

I do not like her music. She thinks she is Madonna, and not that Madonna has been all that great, but she isn't this generation's version of The Material Girl.

Not only don't I like her music, but her attitude is terrible.

She acts like a diva, and gets away with it, because acting like a diva makes headlines. Through the years, haven't divas like Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, and, yes, Madonna, grabbed many headlines for their outbursts and actions?

Anyway, Lady Gaga (and I use that term "Lady" very loosely) has attended games at both New York's CitiField and Yankee Stadium. And she has acted like quite the diva at both venues.

She claims she wants to be inconspicuous, is simply a fan of both teams (right there she gets me--in New York, you cannot root for both the Mets and Yankees, it's like putting both ketchup and mustard on your hot dog), and likes baseball.

Well ...

I know a lot of women who like baseball, but they don't come to games looking like a tramp right out of some porno movie.

I also know a lot of women who like baseball who don't give the finger to other fans, nor pushes her way into a baseball clubhouse, and subsequently gets a security person fired for these actions.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld--I went to school with him, he was a senior when I was a freshman at Massapequa High School on Long Island--is so irritated at this supposed lady that he has lashed out at her on sports radio. He has called her a jerk, and questioned her actions at these ballparks.

Of course, at CitiField, when Mets fan were giving her the business after her middle finger escapade, security rushed her to Seinfeld's unoccupied sky box without his knowledge or permission, so we know why he is really upset about this incident.

But shouldn't the average person, or average baseball fan, also be upset?

If we did the things that she did, we would be kicked out of these stadiums on our butts. Or perhaps even arrested.

Who is this person? Has she, or any other performer, earned the right to be a diva?

She has had a few hit records (if they even call them that anymore) in a short period of time.

Big deal.

But her actions reek of the "I'm better than you" belief that many performers have toward us peons.

It really stinks.

This dummy should be banned from both stadiums permanently. There is no need for his type of behavior anywhere, including at a ballpark.

Batter up! Let's throw Lady Gaaa to the wolves!

I mean, there is only one type of hot dog that you have at baseball games, and it is something you eat.

Let's spit out this idiot. She will be nothing more than a musical footnote in due time.


  1. The lady has done and will do anything for publicity, while her fans rave about how original she is and honest, they won't listen to how much she's ripped off her "unique style" from Bowie to Madonna. She's poseur (did i spell that right?)but at the moment she has fans until the next phony pop star appears.

  2. I agree 1,000 percent. She will be forgotten before you know it.



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