Monday, June 28, 2010

Rant #286: Doctor, Doctor, Give Me My Medical Records

I am in a quandary right now, and I figured that I might as well bring up this predicament that I am in here on this blog.

As I told you many rants ago, my doctor was arrested for dealing certain prescription drugs to people without prescriptions, and he had the nerve to perform these dastardly deeds from the sanctity of his own practice, which just happens to be across the street from the local high school. He was arrested, and from what I understand, he is awaiting trial.

Prior to his arrest, he had a pretty healthy practice, catering to all ages as a general practitioner. I had gone to him for his entire time at this particular practice after seeing the doctor he took over for for decades. All told, I went to a doctor at this site for 38 of my 53 years.

When he was arrested, and made national headlines in doing so, like many, I took a wait and see attitude. When it became apparent to me that he was caught red handed, I figured I would take my time to find another doctor. I am in good, general health, and all I need are my cholesterol pills and I am OK.

The doctor prescribed this particular cholesterol pill to me for many, many months, and the last prescription was to last six months, or six refills.

The first several refills were filled by my local pharmacy, even though this doctor had already been arrested.

However, two weeks ago, when I tried to have this prescription filled, I was told that the pharmacy could no longer fill his prescriptions.

Evidently--and I am piecing this deduction together from a variety of sources--he finally gave up his medical license just a few weeks ago, making all his prescriptions null and void.

I have found a new doctor, and will be going to him for the first time this coming Saturday.

However, I would like to retrieve my medical records from my old doctor, and here is where my problems have arisen.

To make a long story short, I have had a lot of trouble getting these records.

The new doctor told me I should contact the local precinct, which I did, and they didn't know what I should do.

The local precinct told me to contact the district attorney, which I did, but the DA does not have my records.

The DA told me to contact my former doctor's lawyer, which I did, but so far, I can't get my records from there. I have been told several times that the lawyer "hasn't had time" to look for them.

They are stalling for some reason. If they told me that they couldn't release the information because they were going to trial, I could understand it. But they have said no such thing.

And this goes for my wife's records too. She used our former doctor on several occasions, and I would like her records back too.

I am going to contact the lawyer again today, and let's see what happens.

I don't want to be nasty about it, but 38 years of medical records could be an invaluable resource into my general health for any doctor that treats me. And a doctor that has given up his medical license certainly does not need these records anymore.

I was under the impression that I "owned" my medical records, but due to this situation, I have found that this is not true.

I will let you know what happens.

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