Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rant #332: Rethinking The Obvious

Now I hear that the imam behind the proposed mosque near Ground Zero is rethinking the building of his Islamic center so near to what some consider to be sacred ground.

He said yesterday that the project could be delayed as a way of cooling down the furor it has sparked across America.

He also said that the spot where the center is to be built should not be considered sacred or hallowed ground.

And yes, he said he is such an American that he pays taxes, is a New York Giants football fan, and, in a report that came out today, he may also be a slum landlord in New Jersey.

Anyway, why is the imam reconsidering this facility being built so close to Ground Zero? If what he said last week was what he really believed, then moving the facility would play into the hands of the terrorists, and spark anti-American feeling throughout the Muslim world.

Then why move the place?

During the past few days, other imams across the country have come out of hiding and said that the facility should be moved. The court of public opinion--in this instance, his fellow religious men, his own peers--have said that the mosque should not be built there.

And the imam is finally listening to somebody other than himself.

And again, even though there are some who believe that people are against this because of their own deep seated hatred of Muslims, I don't believe that is generally the case. Sure, there are plenty of idiots out there, but I think that in general. those that want the mosque moved want it relocated because that site is too close to Ground Zero, not because they don't want Muslims to practice their religion in this country.

I think this situation will eventually be resolved to most people's satisfaction. Sure, you will get people on both sides of the situation that won't be happy, but I do believe that a decent resolution will occur. And that is why the project will probably be delayed for some weeks or months.

And while Mayor Bloomberg stands on the politically correct side of this situation, why has he allowed strip clubs and porn shops to populate this area? He moved them away from Times Square; why are they allowed to proliferate here?

He should worry more about that--and the crime and unsavoriness that these businesses ultimately bring to any area that they are in--than whether the mosque should be built two blocks away from Ground Zero or not.

I guess they pay their taxes, so he doesn't care where these businesses operate, as long as they aren't in the centerpiece of New York City anymore.

He is not using his brain on this one, shifting the focus from where it should be to something else to feather his political agenda.

Shame on the mayor for that.

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