Friday, September 24, 2010

Rant #340: Putting Your Breast Best, Err, Best Breast Forward

Since I have been writing this blog, I have had the chance to chronicle many things, including American's fascination with the female breast--me included.

This mammary gland is the singular most beloved, vilified, and misunderstood part of a female's body. It is simply a milk source, but it is oh so attractive--and seemingly hated--by so many, including some women themselves.

When some people get a glance of it--or any part of it--they go haywire.

I recently looked at the woman who has made a name for herself by enlarging her breasts way beyond reason, and now, we have the case of singer Katy Perry, who has been yanked from a segment on TV's long-running kids' show "Sesame Street" because she bared a bit too much.

She was a guest on the show, performed with Elmo, and well, the rest is breastory, err, history.

Evidently, the video of her performance was put up on YouTube and some other places, many parents got steamed, and the segment was yanked.

Even though she was covered up with clothing of a sort, Perry just showed too much cleavage in her outfit. The top of the outfit is mesh, but you can clearly see her ample, natural cleavage through the mesh.

Now, whose fault is this anyway--Perry or the producers of the show?

Well, let's face it, they are both at fault here.

Perry, although not a publicity hound like Lady GaGa is, has been known to seek attention like a bee seeks honey. She could have come onto the show with a less revealing outfit, but chose not to.

And the producers of the show ... I mean, c'mon, didn't you know what you were getting with Perry? She is best known for the singing of pretty risque songs, and she had to clean up her "Hot N Cold" tune--the song she was performing on the show--so that it could be used within the context of the program.

I mean, would you hire 50 Cent or T.I. to be on Sesame Street?

In today's day and age, I really think this was a publicity stunt--couldn't the offending cleavage have been digitally blurred or removed?

What this did is get both Perry and Sesame Street an incredible amount of coverage, which obviously, a lot of people think Perry needs--in her clothing, I mean.

So again, the female breast rises to the occasion, never ceasing to amaze anyone, male or female.

It is an incredible part of the human body, and I salute it wholeheartedly.

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