Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rant #787: The Beat Goes On and On and On and ...

Yesterday I filled you in on how my little town on Long Island is constantly besmirched by infamous people and events, including the latest besmirching, the case of the man who supposedly drowned but actually didn't.

Well, that missing man saga continues, and it gets more bizarre by the minute.

Evidently, the man has finally turned himself in, but not to the police.

He has voluntarily checked into a mental health facility for observation. There is one right near my community, but although I won't name it, it is a good possibility that he is there, but it hasn't been released exactly where he checked himself in to.

Heck, if the place was good enough for Judy Garland to check herself into years ago, it's good enough for him (if, in fact, it is the place he checked himself into).

Anyway, his son has been arrested on a variety of charges, and according to some news reports, he has confessed to being part of the dastardly deed.

However, the son's girlfriend isn't so sure about what is going on.

Injecting herself into a situation that she has nothing to do with--but who the media is happy to interview, since they have nothing else to report on this case, and let's face it, they love stuff like this--the girlfriend says her boyfriend is innocent, but in the same breath, she admits she doesn't know who to believe.

Then she says if her boyfriend is guilty, he was coerced by the father into participating in this fraud.

Yes, it is summer, and I swear that people do get crazy from the heat.

Obviously, this group is so crazy from the heat that they are well overdone--as is this case.

I'm wondering what "revelations" we will hear about today on this case.

It is supposed to be very hot and humid here today, and any new news generated by this case will certainly make it hotter, and yes, more uncomfortable.

Can't wait.

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