Monday, August 13, 2012

Rant #790: It's Over

Yes, I am still in lots of pain.

This pinched nerve seems to have gotten worse, not better. I am taking medicine for it, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Everything I do is a chore now.

But at least the Olympics are over, and we can put our focus back on sports that we are truly interested in.

Sure, we won lots of medals, but there was a lot of phony sentiment attached to these games by people who think that these games are so, so important.

Sorry, I don't thin archery is important, and some months down the line, you won't even know who people with the names of Stephen Kiprotich, Alicia Coutts and Jacob Stephen Varner are. Nor will you care about their sports, either.

These games are all about politics, nationalism and phony pride, stuff that we should all be above at this place and time.

Yes, these athletes do amazing feats, but what is our real interest in these games, and the Winter games, which will take place in Russia in about a year and a half.

Let other countries show their nationalism through their athletes. We don't have to do that, and shouldn't have to do that.

We are Americans, not Europeans.

And who really cares about soccer, anyway?

Now, onto our real sports passions--baseball, and yes, even though I hate the sport, football.

That is really what we care about.

The Olympics are nothing but a sports footnote, sort of like how soccer is treated here.

It exists, but it really isn't very important.

So let's move onto something else.

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