Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rant #864: Who's Kidding Who?

The other day, during the premiere of the film "Les Miserables," actress Anne Hathway made a fashion faux pas that ended up becoming a hit on the Internet and was featured in newspapers around the world.

The comely actress, who is rapidly becoming ubiquitous for her big mouth and ego, and complete lack of any discernible talent other than her looks, wore a kind of short skirted outfit to the premiere, which is no big deal.

But when she got out of her limousine, everyone around her, including the papparazzi, discovered that Hathaway had no underwear on under the short skirt.

She moved in a certain way, and Voila!, you could see her privates.

And the papparazzi, being who they are and what they are paid to do, snapped away and away, and the picture made the rounds.

The actress then went on the "Today" show and defended her actions, berating the papparazi by stating, "And I'm sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants."

Well, was she so unwilling or just plain stupid? Or did she know exactly what she was doing?

What I am now going to say is not a knock against women in any way, shape or form, although I will bet that some people out there will think it is.

Women have been using their charm to get what they want for centuries. It may have started with Eve in the Garden of Eden, or Cleopatra, but let's face it, women are built much differently than men are, and men are kind of weak when it comes to the female flesh.

And women are also apparently interested in what their fellow ladies look like and wear, as was quite obvious even decades ago, when Jayne Mansfield upstaged Sophia Loren in a catfight between two sex goddesses that was captured in a photo that went around the world.

Anyway, Hathaway is an actress, and here, she was acting too.

I mean, any woman with half a brain in her head knows that when you wear a short skirt, you have to dress appropriately underneath, too.

And since the glow was on her, and she knew it, don't you think she also knew that without an undergarment, if she moved a certain way, well, certain things would come out?

And she has the absolute nerve to get all "social" about it yet, talking about our culture and that she was an "unwilling participant."

Who are you kidding, you idiot? Don't be so condescending that you think the public is going to buy that.

She knew exactly what she was doing, and the reaction it would elicit.

Look, I am not going to laud the papparazzi. At times they are crass themselves, but in this case, they were pretty much just doing their jobs.

And for the "unwilling participant" to make this a social issue, well, do you think the public is that stupid?

Wear underwear, you moron, and such things won't happen in the future.

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